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SalesGlobe can help your organization plan, design, and implement the transformational change to get you to the next level.

We operate in a continuously changing environment of customer expectations, competitive offers and macro market evolution. Most companies need to periodically transform their sales strategy to strengthen the business amid competitive environments or to enable the company to reach the next level. If your sales strategy and overall sales program hasn't changed in some time, you may find yourself in a reactive situation that requires change for survival.

Some of the underlying drivers of major sales change include:

  • Change in the market or customer needs (52% of companies).
  • Evolution in technology or product (22% of companies).
  • Merger or acquisition (15% of companies).

A successful sales strategy considers that alignments of several sales disciplines along The Revenue Roadmap which provides an integrated view of the four major competencies of successful sales organizations:

  1. Insight on customers, the market, and internal performance.
  2. Sales Strategy that determines direction for the organization in terms of customer and product focus.
  3. Customer Coverage that defines the organization's routes to market, sales organization and roles, and sales process.
  4. Enablement that supports the upstream disciplines through recruiting, development, technology and your sales compensation plan.

You can learn more about The Revenue Roadmap approach to building and aligning sales strategy in our book, The Innovative Sale.

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