Sales Tools and Technology Readiness

Sales tools and technology can be great enablers that bring organization, efficiency, and increased productivity to the sales team. But, if not done well, they can also create distraction, drain productivity, and cost millions in write-offs for bad implementation.

Technology isn’t the panacea that sales organizations once hoped for. CRM, SFA, and SPM tools have traditionally entailed long, expensive, and complex implementations of systems more suitable for the cockpit of an airliner than for the fast-moving life of a sales executive. Over half of sales organizations report that sales tools don’t respond to their needs or fit their jobs, creating one of the biggest barriers to using sales tools. This barrier is accompanied by concerns about tool complexity and big brother oversight.

To develop effective tools for your organization:

  • Build on your business requirements (from the sales strategy, to sales process, to sales compensation, to sales quotas) rather than fitting to a platform.
  • Keep your tools simple enough for the organization to understand, so they don’t detract from sales time.
  • Understand the sales best practices you’re trying to support with technology rather than just understanding the technology itself.

SalesGlobe can work with you on:

  • Technology Readiness: Preparing your organization for the right technology to support your sales or sales operations team including requirements definition, design of and alignment to your sales or compensation processes, and vendor selection.
  • Technology Remediation: Evaluating the effectiveness of your current sales technology implementation and recommending improvements to get the impact you originally desired.
  • Technology Implementation: Installing and integrating technology into your sales environment.
  • Sales Tool Development: SalesGlobe offers a range of technology tools, based on our consulting work with clients, that can help you operate the business in areas like sales capacity management, account planning, and goal setting.

Whether through technology support or tool development for your project, we can help you increase the impact of your sales program and provide the information visibility you need to manage your organization.

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