Sales Communication and Design

Once you’ve designed your sales strategy, you need to follow through with a clear message about why it’s critical to the business and why your team should commit to it. Our sales communications and design practice helps you develop and deliver that clear, consistent strategic message, that will get results. Companies make significant investments in sales programs like go-to-market strategy, sales organization design, and sales compensation. But when they’re ready to implement them, too often, they encounter a gap between their strategy and the organization’s understanding or buy-in to make that strategy happen. An effective strategy is only as good as the company’s ability to engage the team to execute that strategy, and a great strategy can be derailed with poor communications taking the organization off-track. Understanding this dilemma, SalesGlobe built the Sales Communications and Design Practice to help our clients get the maximum impact and results from their sales strategies and programs.

The Process:

Sales Communication and Design

Here’s how we approach it:

    • Information Visualization: We translate your data into a visual form that makes it actionable. Rather than communicating a mass of data, we create the narrative that will make your program clear, relevant, and impactful.

Sales Communication Information Visualization
    • Motion Design: We bring your story to life with animation and motion graphics to emphasize the outcomes your team needs to understand. Motion Design connects with both sides of the brain to explain tactics, strategies, sales goals, and organizational models and make them memorable.

Sales Communication Motion Design
  • Interaction Design: Whether it be a web site or mobile app, digital interactive experiences are the most engaging and accessible form of communication today. We enable your sales team to have dialogue with your content, anytime, anywhere, and in multiple languages.

Learn more about our approach to Motion Design in our book, The Theory and Practice of Motion Design.

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