Sales Compensation and Quotas

Motivating from the Front Line to the Corner Office

Sales Compensation and Quotas

Sales compensation creates the critical link between the sales strategy and front-line performance. It trumps leadership messages, sales strategies, sales management, and sales training. The sales organization will go where the compensation leads.

But too many executives squander the opportunity sales compensation presents. We welcome the challenge to demonstrate how you can improve the return on investment in your sales compensation plan – returns that are both financial and strategic.

We start by asking the big questions around your C-Level Goals:

  • What’s important to accomplish strategically?
  • How do your sales roles support your goals?
  • How does sales compensation align with the strategy and sales process?

SalesGlobe uses a proven sales compensation design process (described in our book, What Your CEO Needs to Know About Sales Compensation), a best practice approach developed over hundreds of sales compensation programs, that considers each of the major sales compensation elements to rigorously evaluate and design your program:

  1. Understand the C-level goals and define the sales roles to meet those goals.
  2. Frame the plan with target pay, pay mix, and upside potential.
  3. Link pay and performance with thresholds, measures and priorities, levels and timing, and mechanics.
  4. Align the team and financials with objectives and quotas.
  5. Operate through a solid governance program and continuous evaluation.

SalesGlobe can help your organization plan, design, and implement incentive compensation and quota programs that align to your business objectives.