What’s Your
Return On Sales Investment?

Sales is Expensive, But Not an Expense. Sales is one of the largest single expense line items on most companies’ income statements. But, if companies treat sales only as a cost to manage and minimize—through cost cutting, tightening pay, and layoffs— they miss the opportunity to get a real return on their sales investment.

Companies are Now Reacting. As we face the winds of a changing economy in 2023, companies are now reacting from over-paying during the war for talent of the past few years. We now watch company after company cutting costs to lighten the load for uncertain times ahead. The party’s over and the corporate world is reacting to the hangover.

Don’t Just Cut Cost. Through numerous economic cycles, we’ve seen the same behavioral patterns with sales, through expansion and contraction. Yet we know that it’s the pattern-breakers who have been the most successful in their industries. Cost-cutting isn’t enough and it often results in cutting valuable sales muscle that reduces the capability of the business.

Drive Your ROSI. Sales is an investment and should be managed to maximize return for the business and the team. That’s why we focus on ROSI (Return on Sales Investment), working with companies to increase their ROSI no matter the economic environment.

Return on Sales Investment - ROSI

ROSI Insights

rosi return on sales investment

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rosi return on sales investment

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Unlock the Potential of Your ROSI With SalesGlobe - Contact Us Today.

Unlock the Potential of Your ROSI With SalesGlobe - Contact Us Today.