Sales Capacity Improvement

Like an engine running at top speed, even the best sales organization has limits. Setting higher quotas and demanding more of the sales organization can produce more, up to a point and for a limited period. Sales capacity planning and improvement identifies the practical capacity of your organization in its current condition and identifies adjustments, tune-ups, or overhauls that can help the organization reach higher levels of sustainable capacity.

When it comes to your sales people, it’s critical to understand the boundaries of their success and to enable your team to go beyond. Levers like headcount, workload, role focus, pipeline management, talent, and time allocation all contribute to sales capacity.

SalesGlobe examines the organization’s current capacity and identifies the levers that will most readily increase sustainable growth capacity. For example, our research shows that most sales organizations spend about 50% of their time actually selling, with the rest spent on a host of administrative, operational, service, and overhead activities that sap sales capacity. One of our methods, SalesGlobe’s Sales Time Optimizer tool, helps increase sales capacity by:

  • Determining where the sales organization is uses its time.
  • Statistically identifying focus by account type, product type, sales strategy, activity type, and stage of sales process.
  • Highlighting pure selling time and NRGs (non-revenue generating activities).
  • Decontaminating the sales organization to shift or remove NRGs, increase selling time, and increase sales capacity.

Following trends of time allocation and managing productivity improvement over time for continuous improvement.

The ROI can be significant. For an organization with $2B of revenue and 500 quota bearing reps that spends only 50% of its time selling, adding 5% more selling time at only 20% of the current revenue productivity can yield an additional $40M in sales capacity.

SalesGlobe can work with you to help you identify your current capacity and the levers you can pull to increase capacity to reach your growth goals.

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