Competitive Benchmarking

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We all want to know what our competitors are doing. Now you can find out. Competitive intelligence (CI) can provide valuable insight on market practices to allow you to make informed decisions. SalesGlobe can capture specific information directly from your competitors and companies with comparable business models around sales strategies, sales roles, sales processes, pay practices, quota setting approaches, and other sales effectiveness areas. We conduct targeted competitor benchmarking as an independent third-party that includes a hand-picked group of competitors to give you information that is more specific, current, and objective than other sources such as broad surveys, public data, or word of mouth.

We go beyond the numbers and provide you with information common survey houses and market research firms just can’t get. Using our decades of experience in sales effectiveness, we collect intelligence through key executive interviews, data analysis, gap identification, and opportunity identification.

SalesGlobe has recently conducted benchmarking studies for the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless Services
  • Professional Services
  • Technology
  • Cloud and SaaS Services
  • Information Services
  • Staffing and Recruiting

We can help you get the insight you need to make the right decisions for your organization.