Sales Organization and Talent

Sales organizations and sales roles are often legacies of the past, sometimes cobbled together with replications of practices from competitors and bolt-ons to address spot issues with customers. To create the optimal customer experience and drive productivity from your sales organization, you should design your organization and talent from the customer up.

Customer buying criteria and processes create a foundation on which to build the sales process and the roles that will work within that process. A sales role is more than a job. It’s comprised of multiple factors including the sales strategy it pursues, the product portfolio and customer segments it covers, and its sales process requirements to perform the function.

Once you’ve defined the correct sales roles, it’s critical to determine the type of talent, or the breed that you need, in each of those roles in terms of capabilities and characteristics. For example, defining a Doberman business development role and stocking it with lap dogs won’t drive the performance you’re looking for. Developing your sales team, aligned to the right roles, through training and coaching is essential to respond to an evolving competitive environment and changing customer demands. According to SalesGlobe research, 48% of companies report a positive return on their investment in coaching and development, when done correctly and consistently.

SalesGlobe can help you build your sales organization and roles, create customized performance models for talent, and build your sales talent action plan to assess, develop, and recruit a high-performance team that drives growth.

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