The Sales Forecasting Report Card

The Revenue RoadmapSM provides an integrated view of the four major competencies of successful sales organizations and how they provide input to forecasting:

Insight on customers, the market, and internal performance.
Sales Strategy that determines direction for the organization in terms of customer and product focus.
Customer Coverage that defines the organization's routes to market, sales organization and roles, and sales process.
Enablement that supports the upstream disciplines through recruiting, development, technology, and incentive compensation.

The Insight disciplines, highlighted to the right, provide valuable input to effective sales forecasting. Forecasting should also consider the downstream disciplines particularly around sales process, pipeline, and enabling CRM technology.

The ratings in this report card represent your organization’s performance in each area. Review these results with your team and determine potential actions. Schedule a complimentary review with SalesGlobe to discuss recommended approaches based on your specific challenges.