Podcast | Top Insights from the Best: Mark Donnolo

Podcast | Top Insights from the Best: Mark Donnolo

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In this episode:

  • How Sales Compensation is all about solving problems
  • Why Sales Compensation is “human” (and it’s not just a formula)
  • What is a Revenue Roadmap and why it relates to Sales Compensation
  • Hear about how many measurements & accelerators you should have
  • How setting quota too high is a major problem in sales organizations (if not the #1 according to Mark)
  • How much should each measure represent in a sales comp formula
  • On average why only 42% of reps are benchmarked to be above quota
  • When setting Sales Comp strategy, how much % of your reps should actually hit their quota target
  • The 3 factors for setting correct quota – 1. Predictability, 2. Cost of Sales and 3. Motivation
  • What does “Winning Ugly” mean
  • How better “Challenge Questions” expand your thinking
  • The 3 linchpins of solving your quota – 1. People, 2. Marketing Opportunity, and  3. Sales Capacity
  • Best practices of measuring Sales Capacity: Sales Time Allocation, Level of Workload, and Quality of Talent (& using a Sales Time Optimization Tool)
  • On Performance Distribution and Over-Allocation (“padding”) and uplift of the sum of AE goals when setting Quota for the team and the Board
  • Why and how CROs / EVPs of Sales need to educate PE and VC investors


About this podcast:

The “Top Insights from the Best” is the latest & greatest from the world of SaaS Sales, Marketing and overall Go-to-Market executives. We interview the most prominent CROs, VPs, senior operators and investors to discover their best insights, strategies, tactics and unique tips to succeed in scaling SaaS revenue. The focus of our conversations is on helping C-Level executives hear how others accelerate sales from $20 Million to $200 Million ARR and beyond – faster and better. Our Guests include Richard Harris, Scott Leese, Jeff Hyman, Jamal Reimer, Joe Caprio, Chris Lytle.⠀

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