Bruce Heller, Ph.D.

Dr. Bruce Heller, founder of The Heller Group, Inc., is a business partner with SalesGlobe working in the areas of sales talent assessment and strategy. He provides a unique approach to executive coaching, facilitation and problem-solving at the highest levels of corporate leadership. Combining over 25 years of experience as a consultant to managers and executives on performance improvement (i.e., management development, improving productivity, leadership effectiveness, and organizational effectiveness) with clinical experience as a consulting psychologist working with troubled personalities, Bruce brings a revolutionary approach to the workplace, turning turmoil and discord into productive and efficient environments.

Bruce has extensive experience coaching senior level executives on the issues that can derail business leaders in today’s business environment causing stress and tension in the workplace. By blending best practices from his work as an organizational psychologist and a seasoned executive coach, he has accelerated the development of executive leadership at companies worldwide, helping them achieve their strategic corporate objectives.