Rethink Sales Globally

For most companies, sales effectiveness solutions must extend beyond national borders to a range of markets. SalesGlobe works globally with clients that operate multi-nationally or in-country. For each of our solutions, from sales strategy to sales organization to sales compensation, we look at design and implementation from a global and local perspective considering factors such as country-specific regulations, cultures, customs, and constituents such as works councils.

We incorporate your priorities into the final solution, whether they be global consistency, harmonization within a framework, or customized local market approaches. The result is a program that gets your organization results across all global theaters.

Michelle Seger is Practice Leader for SalesGlobe Europe. She is known for her unconventional thinking style, ability to identify with her clients and successfully navigate an organisation through change. As a previous business owner of an international retail franchise, she understands the challenges business leaders face in a complex global business model. Considered an expert in her field, Michelle is a keynote and conference speaker on current and changing business trends that impact people, shape behaviors and drive performance and culture. Michelle is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Read more about Michelle.

Richard Higham is Director of SalesGlobe Europe. He has more than 25 years of sales performance consulting experience and brings with him a track record of winning, growing and managing significant business relationships and revenue for the companies he works with, and for the clients that he serves. He is known as an authority in managing the client journey through a radically and rapidly changing sales world with a focus on company growth, sales innovation, and strategic account management. Richard has significant cross-industry and global account management experience, and previously served as a Managing Partner and Global Sector Head for the world’s largest sales performance consultancy.