Riley Lawhorn

Riley Lawhorn has for 30 years practiced the philosophy that good design is about understanding the problem, seeing opportunities, blending unique story, and developing meaningful solutions from a different perspective.

Mr. Lawhorn is a multi-disciplinary creative who has crafted branding and identity for a range of business, institutional and individual clients. He also has extensive experience in creating environmental graphics programs for special event, athletic, retail, corporate and healthcare settings. His work has spanned from branding and logos, print and collateral, advertising and marketing, signage and showrooms, and to the web. He has worked in agency teams and as an independent since 1999.

Some of his highlights reflect the diversity of his work: establishing the branding and identity of SalesGlobe, designing a national traveling exhibit for Nike Shoes, creating the look/marketing/advertising for a Jackson Hole vacation home company, and a commemorative award wall for The Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. Additional high points over the years include the design of a showroom for a major carpet company, and the design lead on the team creating the signage program for the 1996 Olympic Transportation System, and the temporary signage system for Atlanta’s rail and bus system for the same games.

It is his belief that the messaging and presentation of ideas can be just as critical as the idea itself. It is even more important in this busy world to invest in Creativity to truly communicate ideas, and forge and maintain true connections.